Shreveport Neighborhoods

Shreveport offers a variety of high-quality housing options for families and professionals who choose to make the region their home. Those relocating from larger urban areas can expect more house for their money, along with shorter average commute times compared to those of large metropolitan areas.

Home prices in some of Shreveport’s top neighborhoods range from affordable starter and family-friendly homes to luxury homes in gated communities. Parents seeking quality public and private schooling options for their children are able to do so knowing that many of the region’s top neighborhoods are conveniently located nearby. The region also boasts a number of conveniently located luxury apartments, perfect for singles and young professionals.

Shreveport enjoys mild weather and close proximity to a number of amenities, including retail centers, hospitals, downtown Shreveport-Bossier and more. From tranquil bayous with hiking paths and fishing areas to scenic national wildlife refuges, the region is also home to a variety of outdoor areas — including 63 parks in Shreveport alone that collectively span more than 29,000 acres.


Downtown Convenience with Historic Charm

With a spot in music’s history books, Downtown Riverfront is the place to go for entertainment in Shreveport. For example, it’s home to the Municipal Auditorium, where the famed country music radio and television show Louisiana Hayride was once broadcast. Visible during the day, colorful murals adorn brick walls throughout the neighborhood, thanks to initiatives such as Shreveport Commons, a conglomerate repurposing downtown spaces for artists and art programming. At night, the Texas Street Bridge, also known as the Long-Allen Bridge, lights up a section of the Red River that flows across from two resort casinos.

$311,903 Average Value

For more information visit –  Downtown Development Authority



Offers Quality Living and Amenities

South Highlands, originally established in the 1920s, is one of the premier neighborhoods in Northwest Louisiana with an average property listing of approximately $750,000 and architecture influenced by home styles of the 1920s and 30s.

Homes in this historic neighborhood are, on average, 4,800 square feet and roughly $160 per square foot and range from three- and four-bedroom homes to five-bedroom homes. The subdivision includes a number of charming townhomes as well for those needing less space but still seeking the comfort and access of the centrally-located South Highlands area.

$174,096 Average Value

$95 Average Price per Sq Ft

For more information visit –  South Highlands Neighborhood Association



Million-dollar Homes and Gated Communities

Welcome to Ellerbe Woods, a slice of country living within Shreveport city limits. Regarded by many as one of the most desirable areas in Shreveport — with its privacy-granting subdivisions and spacious modern homes — this residential neighborhood is full of mature towering pines and gently meandering streets. Bordered by Wallace Lake, it’s a perfect locale for nature lovers, while maintaining easy access to Interstate 49, Ellerbe Road and Highway 1, creating a restful haven without sacrificing the comfort and convenience of suburbia.

$380,577 Average Value

$190 Average Price per Sq Ft



A Secluded Lakeside Retreat

Cross Lake has more than 70 miles of shoreline, and much of it falls within the aptly-named Lakeshore neighborhood. House hunters in the Lakeshore neighborhood can find primarily single-family homes, many on the water and others more inland on multi-acre plots of land.

$203,638 Average Value

$143 Average Price per Sq Ft



Cornucopia of Architectural Styles

Highland hosts a range of architectural styles including Victorian, Queen Anne, Bungalow, American Foursquare and American Craftsman, Tudor and Spanish Colonial. Many homes are affordably modest, others, such as those in the Fairfield Historic District, are opulent mansions and estates. Hills and curves prevail Highland’s well-traveled streets, while scattered trees cast ample shade over grassy yards.

$103,784 Average Value

$64 Average Price per Sq Ft

For more information visit –  Highland Neighborhood Association



Convenience and Charm

Broadmoor is the largest neighborhood in Shreveport by physical size. Broadmoor is the heart of much shopping and dining activity, right around the corner on the neighborhood’s central spine — Youree Drive. Shoppes at Belle Meade, an outdoor shopping mall, as well as the grocery stores Kroger, Target, Albertsons, and Sunshine Health Foods are right there. A huge variety of dining is available, including unique Shreveport favorites like Fairfield Grocery, Hickory Stick Barbeque, Counter Culture, and Danh’s Garden – a popular and inexpensive Vietnamese restaurant.

$178,940 Average Value

$111 Average Price per Sq Ft

For more information visit –  Broadmoor Neighborhood Association or the Anderson Island Neighborhood Association



Close to University & Shopping

Situated around the Shreveport campus of Louisiana State University, the Spring Lake/University Terrace community is a late 20th-century suburb with sizable homes, high-rated schools and vast commercial retail centers. With its neatly arranged set of homes tucked along curvilinear neighborhood streets and private drives, children can play outside and ride bikes in the street, while neighbors say hello and look out for each other. While following similar development patterns, the few subdivisions here bear little resemblance to each other.

$228,087 Average Value

$125 Average Price per Sq Ft



Midcentury Beauties Mingle with Ranch-style Residences

Traveling down Shreveport’s Youree Drive will take you to the inviting neighborhood of East Shreveport. Part of the Southeast Shreveport Shopping District, the area offers one-of-a-kind retail and dining options. Louisiana State University-Shreveport is located at the southern edge of the neighborhood, and a national wildlife refuge is only minutes away. 

$251,406 Average Value

$125 Average Price per Sq Ft



Green Space Balance Between Urban and Rural

Whether you prefer to be at home or on the go, the Southern Hills neighborhood has something for you. Only 11 miles from Downtown Shreveport, this quiet area is found along the outer edges of the city, making it a lovely cross between suburban and rural. Close to Interstate 49 and Highways 171 and 3132, the neighborhood offers easy access to Cross Lake or the Red River, both great spots for endless fun on the water. The comforts of this residential community are many, and once settled, people tend to want to stay.

$171,268 Average Value

$110 Average Price per Sq Ft




Laidback, Southern Neighborhood in Historic Shreveport

On the outskirts of Shreveport, Louisiana, Jenkins-Pinecroft is a community of subdivisions with laidback Southern charm. Founded in 1835, Shreveport is the fifth oldest city in Louisiana, and the town’s amenities reflect its storied history: museums, festivals and monuments like the Lead Belly statue downtown. In Jenkins-Pinecroft, towering, tall pine trees dot the freshly mowed lawns of single-story ranch-style homes from the late 20th century; typical features include short driveways, mailboxes and small porches or awnings. 

$148,557 Average Value

$100 Average Price per Sq Ft


Mooretown and Hollywood Heights

History & Convenience

The neighborhood of Mooretown and Hollywood Heights has a unique history and appears to be a community ready to undergo revitalization. The area was founded in the early 1900s by a group of African Americans led by Giles D. Moore and grew to be a completely independent town by the time it was annexed by Shreveport in the late 1940s. Mr. Moore also created Hollywood Avenue as a sort of downtown for his city. Today, the area is called Hollywood Heights, and the avenue still runs through it. 

$60,762 Average Value

$39 Average Price per Sq Ft



Suburban Community with Rustic Charm

Pines Road is a community of residential subdivisions branching out from its namesake road in Shreveport. A quiet, rural neighborhood in Northwest Louisiana, residents may see Blue Jays perched in pine trees and calling to one another; Pines Road’s laidback Southern charm is its appeal for homebuyers.

$179,033 Average Value

$118 Average Price per Sq Ft


Sunset Acres/Garden Valley/Morningside

Sunset Acre Has Untapped Potential

Some neighborhoods are well-established as prime homeowning destinations. Others need someone to believe in them and are just waiting for the push to get them started toward revival. The Sunset Acres/Garden Valley/Morningside neighborhood of Shreveport is one of these places. Seemingly primed for revitalization, the area is minutes away from the Shreveport Regional Airport, Independence Stadium, grocery stores and restaurants. Mansfield Road also runs north to south through the area, making commuting an easy task.

$63,428 Average Value

$46 Average Price per Sq Ft



One of Shreveport’s Oldest Communities

Designed in a large grid pattern, Queensborough is one of Shreveport’s older neighborhoods. More than half of the homes are from before the 1950s. While the community is an old part of the city, it almost has an old suburb feel. Filled with old-growth trees throughout all its blocks, the streets are lined with Craftsman bungalows and ranch-style properties, almost all valued for under $100,000. 

$54,720 Average Value

$35 Average Price per Sq Ft


Country Club Hills-Lakeshore

Affordable Waterfront Living

Just 6 miles from Downtown Shreveport, the Country Club Hills-Lakeshore neighborhood stretches from the runways of the airport to the shores of Cross Lake. One of the area’s cultural landmarks, the Louisiana State Exhibit Museum, was built on the edges of this and other working-class neighborhoods so that art and history would be available to everyone. Consistent with that something-for-everyone notion, you can find both investment and starter homes here, as well as newer, larger homes near the lakefront. 

$96,575 Average Value

$72 Average Price per Sq Ft


Western Hills-Yarborough

A Sought-after Lakeside Community

Western Hills-Yarborough is a quiet neighborhood situated on a southern portion of Shreveport’s Cross Lake. According to Antonio Zavarce, a real estate agent and team leader of Hello House who has sold several homes in the neighborhood, it can be difficult to find recent comps because people aren’t quick to sell. Most homes in Western Hill-Yarborough are single-family homes in styles like ranches and contemporaries on lots that average more than a third of an acre. The neighborhood comprises winding, suburban streets with mature trees and plenty of cul-de-sacs.

$186,038 Average Value

$117 Average Price per Sq Ft



Storied History and Nascent Renewal 

The streets of Allendale-Lakeside showcase the area’s history, with shotgun houses and bungalows built as far back as the 1920s all the way through the ‘80s. These homes tend to sit right on the street, with limited lawn space or elbow room between neighbors, though mature trees burst with greenery from the backyard. Not all houses have driveways; some only have a narrow staircase from the sidewalk leading straight to a modest front porch.

$57,413 Average Value

$41 Average Price per Sq Ft


Martin Luther King Jr

Community Engagement and Convenient Proximity

Martin Luther King Jr is a suburban neighborhood situated northwest of downtown Shreveport. With nearby roadways and free bus fares, residents have ample access to surrounding amenities and attractions.  Breaking off from Dr. Martin Luther King Drive, the community’s main line, is the neighborhood’s narrow residential streets. Ranch-style homes, built in the mid-to-late 20th century, can be found sitting atop moderately sized front yards and are typically paired with driveways large enough to fit one vehicle.

$78,857 Average Value

$67 Average Price per Sq Ft



Residential Convenience Just North of Downtown

North of Shreveport’s bustling downtown waterfront, Freestate-North Highlands is a nook of the city sandwiched between Route 71, locally known as North Market Street, and Twelve Mile Bayou. North Highland comprises a blend of industrial, commercial and residential areas, with more single-family homes than other housing types. Turning off North Market Street, established ranch-style homes line winding roads where mature trees shade the spacious lawns with comfortable setbacks. Most were built between the 1960s and 80s and tend to have brick siding or accents featuring a blend of carports and garages. 

$131,780 Average Value

$106 Average Price per Sq Ft